We are the UK’s 1st specialist glamping construction company!

Dreaming of returning to your natural habitat, but you are not ready to make all the sacrifices necessary. What if we tell you that there is a way to live in total peace, harmony and at one with nature but with the cozy homelike atmosphere alongside luxuries like internet access, hot tubs, comfortable bedding, private bathrooms and a kitchen.


Discover Glamping


ARE YOU looking for a way to: 

Make a living?

Find additional source of income?

Add extra value to your business?

Keep the venue reasonably low-cost and efficient?

Get swift return on investment?


Own a piece of land?

Own a camping or caravan site?

Own a hotel/b&b/golf or beach site?

Want to invest in a lucrative business?

Want to diversify or grow your business?

Safari Tents